White Marble Greek Column Corinthian Order Round Fluted Wedding Columns for Sale MOKK-149

White Marble Greek Column Corinthian Order Round Fluted Wedding Columns for Sale MOKK-149

The ancient Greece architecture was inherently structural, but in the late years the arch was rarely used, but in Roman times the arches were often dominant, with the exception of the similar uses of the portico, the order became an increasingly decorative element. You can also look at custom decorating portfolios to get an idea of the marble column design. If you are looking for wedding columns for decorating or other marble column,this is the right place to choose from !
Item No: MOKK-149
Advantage: Factory Supplying Directly
MOQ:2 Piece
Keyword: Wedding Columns for Sale Craigslist
Transport: By Sea/Air
Packing: 3 CM Crate Packing
Characteristic:Vivid/ Durable/ Artistic
Designs: All Details Can Be Customized As Customers’ Request
Payment Term: By T/T,30% Deposit,And 70% Balance Before Shipping

Columns or pillars in architecture and structural engineering are structural elements that transmit the weight of the above structure to other structural elements under compression. In other words, the column is a compression member.The wedding columns widely used in recently years.


The term  wedding columns applies to a large round support that appears to be made of stone or as such, with a capital and pedestal or pedestal on the axis of a pillar. Each of these columns can be made in a medium real or hollow configuration and can be used in both structural and non-structural and external applications.


In addition to regular large architectural marble wedding columns, there are rectangular pillars, decorative outdoor pillars, small pedestal pillars, as well as pillar tables and split wall pillars. This architectural style is characterized by an elaborate capital adorned with slender grooved pillars and acanthus leaves and scrolls. There are many variations.

package of large marble angel statue

The name Corinth is derived from the ancient Greece Corinth, but according to the precedent set by the Ultor Temple of Mars in the Forum of Augustus, If you’re an amateur and want to buy a marble wedding columns for the first time, you don’t have to worry. One of our agents will guide you to customize what’s right for you if you need to.

So if you are interested in decorative outdoor pillars,please contact with us right NOW !


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