High quality Hand Craved Marble Column for Sale MOKK-164

High quality Hand Craved Marble Column for Sale MOKK-164

Buildings in ancient Greece often had many columns like this lined up around them. Search on the Internet for pictures of the Parthenon, located at the top of a hill called the Acropolis, in Athens. What might it have felt like to climb that hill and approach a building lined with huge columns like this?
Item No: MOKK-164
Material: 100% Natural Material ( Marble, Granite, Sandstone, Stone, Limestone)
Usage: Garden, Hotel, Home, Piazza Decoration, Weeding
Technical: Full Hand Carved
Surface: High Polished or Honed
Style; Western, Modern
Design: We Can Take Orders According to Photo or Drawing from You

This Marble column, carved with Lady and delicate winding vines, may come from Hadrian’s Villa, a sprawling estate several miles east of Rome. The Roman Empire was at its most expansive under Hadrian, who developed a love of travel as he maintained the empire’s shifting borders. Hadrian sought to re-create various parts of the empire within the grounds of his massive villa.


High quality Western Style Hand Craved Statue Marble Columns


Wedding Columns like this one were invented in ancient Greece and were used in temples and other ancient public buildings, such as the Parthenon in Athens. Notice that the column is wider at the bottom than at the top. This may have been done to correct an optical illusion: from a distance, straight lines can look curved. The Greeks wanted their buildings to look perfectly straight and orderly


High quality Western Style Hand Craved


Temples were often vibrantly painted in real life. How do you think a marble column like this would look with a bit of color? Draw an Ionic column, with scrolls at the top, on a piece of paper, and add color with pencils or crayons. Do you like it better all white or with color?


Western Style Hand Craved Statue Marble Columns MOKK-164


If you have any questions about the marble statue column, please feel free to contact us!

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