Hand Craft Yellow Marble Leaf And Scroll Marble Fireplace Design Cast Marble Fireplace for Sale–MOKK-139

Hand Craft Yellow Marble Leaf And Scroll Marble Fireplace Design Cast Marble Fireplace for Sale–MOKK-139

The Fireplace Not Only Improves The Aesthetics Of The Decoration, But Also Can Be Heated, And The Heat Can Be Higher Than Some Of The Heating Equipment.”
Item: MOKK-139
Stone Form:1), Chinese Marble Including: White Onyx; Yellow Travertine; Black Jade; Yellow Onyx; Red Sunny Etc.. For All Kinds Of Marble Colors.
2), All Kinds Of Granite Color Stone .Limestone, Sandstone,Travertine Etc
Color: Black,Yellow, Red, White,Beige
Edge: Bush Hammer, Flat, Flamed, French etc
Finished Products: Marble Fireplace for sale
Size: Customized
Packing: Wooden Crate,inner in Plastic or Foam
Arrival Time:25-45 Days to Produce Fireplace,25-45 Days Transport (Many Stocks for You to Choose)

The first is the calorific value. The air conditioner produces hot air. For large areas and large spaces, it takes a long process to truly reach a warm state. At the same time, hot air easily rises to the ceiling, and all the heat is contributed to the ceiling. The real fire antique fireplace mantels, achieves the heating effect through heat radiation, conduction and convection. As long as it is lit for a few minutes, the heat effect can be clearly felt.

Antique stone french country firaplace mantels surrounds for sale

The second is the cost of use. The average central air-conditioning power of the villa is 10 to 15 horsepower, and the large one can reach 30 horsepower. At least ten kilowatt hours per hour, about 10 yuan. It takes about 50 yuan per day for 5 hours. The real fire modern mantel decor fireplace consumes 4 to 5 pounds per hour, about 4 to 5 yuan, and it can also save half of the money in 5 hours. This is one of the reasons why Europeans and Americans advocate the use of wood for less electricity.

The third is the cause of health. When the air conditioner is turned on for a long time, it will inevitably consume the water in the room, making the skin dry and severely bleeding. In addition, due to the long-term sealing state in the room, the indoor air will become worse and worse. The heat radiation generated by the burning of a real fire replica victorian fireplace  is not only good for the body, but also reduces symptoms such as arthritis. At the same time, the unique mood and beautiful flame vision during the use of the fireplace are unmatched by the air conditioner

modern mantel decor,


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