Exquisite Hand carved French Design Flower Marble Fireplace Supplier MOKK-106

Exquisite Hand carved French Design Flower Marble Fireplace Supplier MOKK-106

This beautiful French marble fireplace is hand-carved by our professional artisans, with exquisite floral patterns and unique French design.For more information about our marble fireplace, please contact us.
Item No: MOKK-106
Size: Customized Size
Style: French Design
Material: White Marble
Package: Strong Wooden Case
Service: Customize Acceptable


This French fireplace features gorgeous carvings. This exquisite marble fireplace is carved with exquisite floral motifs and figure motifs on the mantel door and arc of the fireplace, looking very symmetrical and minimalist and atmospheric. There are symmetrical columns on each side of the fireplace with symmetrical figures and floral patterns on the columns as well. The patterned patterns are carved by professional craftsmen and give the fireplace a gorgeous and stately look.


Exquisite Hand carved French Design Marble Fireplace


We are a marble carving factory with over 30 years of experience, so we can make them to the size available. Of course, we can also customize it to your size requirements, as long as you tell us the size requirements, we will produce it according to the size information you provide and do our best to make it to your satisfaction.


Exquisite Hand carved French Design


French marble fireplace products in the production process requires a complex process to complete, we use the highest quality marble material. So after the product is finished, our staff will check the quality and details of the product and perform installation tests to help you install your fireplace with ease. If you have any concerns about the shipping process, we will take care of them for you. We use the most cost effective shipping companies to show you everything from the production process to the packaging and final presentation of the finished product in front of you in the form of pictures or videos. As soon as you make a purchase, we’ll do our best to take care of all your customization issues and worries.


French marble fireplace


You Fine Art Sculpture has over thirty years of experience in the sculpture industry. With customers all over the world, the products have always won the trust of our customers with superb design and meticulous service, we will provide you with the best fireplace so that you can buy quality products at reasonable prices. Please trust us. If you are interested in purchasing a fireplace or other product, please feel free to contact our customer service.


package of Exquisite Hand carved French Design Marble Fireplace Supplier



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