Custom Wholesale China Natural Panda White Marble Slab Price for Sale MOKK-12403

Custom Wholesale China Natural Panda White Marble Slab Price for Sale MOKK-12403

Panda Han marble originates from China. Panda white board has a smooth surface, soft texture, beautiful and dignified, and elegant style. The black and white staggered lines interpret the long-term changes of marble natural stone, and the black lines are like an ink painting, which is a beautiful scenery wherever it is placed. Black and white have always been classic and timeless, and Panda White Marble is the unparalleled combination of black and white.
If you are interested in our Panda Han marble, please contact us now and we will provide you with the latest style catalog.
Item No.: MOKK-12403
Size: large size or customized
Material: Marble
Insurance: Covers all risks
Place of Origin: Hebei, China
Packing: sturdy wooden crate
Service: Customized and acceptable
Technology: Natural
Advantages: factory direct sales, door-to-door delivery

Panda white marble is designed with one stone and multiple patterns. Each piece is coherent as a whole and has a strong sense of extension. It will give people a sense of luxury, style and richer texture.

Black and white matching can also create a sense of elegance, elegant style, fading away the luxury and leaving simplicity and purity. In the interpenetration of black and white, there is a sharp contrast of color impact, resulting in an absolute and relative visual effect, full of movement but without losing natural harmony. We can see the use of panda white marble in the space, making the space uniquely poetic.

The interior decoration chooses this panda white marble with flowing lines, so that the lines are scattered on the wall, and the whole space is full of a messy beauty. White is pure and elegant, and it is a kind of otherworldly comfort and indifference. The two are commensurate, low-key and introverted, but arrogant.

YouFine has been in this field for more than 38 years and we have rich mineral resources. Panda white marble is available in a variety of textures, specifications and sizes for you to choose from until you are satisfied.

Please feel free to contact us and we will provide our customers with fond memories.

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