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We offer free samples to ensure customers can have a direct contact of You Fine style and quality material, samples include marble, granite ,mosaics and other natural stone .

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We provide thousands of natural stone including the latest development of stone products, more importantly, our professional design team can provide professional design and feasible solutions according to your requirements.

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You Fine export all kinds of stone to the world, have undertaken a variety of projects values over millions each in abroad, With professional design team and experienced construction team,we are capable to provide you one-stop service.


With over 20 years experience,specializes in luxury residential,commercial design and installation throughout the world.

Professional Design for Rodeo Residence Projects

Located in Beverly Hills, California, this interior of this 8,250 square feet French style new two-story residential building designed by high-tech design. The house consists of 6 bedrooms and 8.5 bathrooms. The two-story covered patio faces the beautiful backyard with a pool surrounded by the watchtower and outdoor built-in grill. The underground pool has various facilities including indoor pool, home theater, wine cellar, sauna, steam shower and sculpture fountain.

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Construction Project of Benedict Residence

Having a detailed construction project plan that is applicable and relevant to be used by the project team for its current undertaking can make the development of the construction project more efficient. We have put together different kinds of construction project plan examples that you can browse through and download if you need references when making the specified document. So, what is a construction management plan? That’s a bit of a multiple-choice answer. It can be a plan delivered by th...

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